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1. Your desires, your wants' - through an interview process, we at Darrin Varden Design will learn about the way you live, what will make life easier for you, what you like, what you dislike, ask what your budget is, and listen to what your needs are. We will also request 'Inspiration images' so that we have a direction, schematically, of what you are imaging.


2. Interior Architecture and/or Decorative Design - at Darrin Varden Design we not only create elegant, edited, edgy interior decoratively but also have the capabilities to actually reconceive floorplans, design and draw kitchens and bathrooms, reflective ceiling plans electrical plans, etc. ...not quite an architect but close. During this phase we are developing your interiors which then is concluded with a Design Presentation to you, along with your budget and a Project Book so you can get excited for what is coming.


3. Project Management - during this phase we are ordering all the design elements that were presented to you. And, it you are renovating and/or building we are working with your architect and/or contractor to bring all the other elements of your spaces to fruition. We manage everything as we know this is an overwhelming time and want to minimize your stress and anxiety as much as we can.


4. Design Alchemy then the Reveal - this is where the vision, the design comes to fruition! Rugs laid, window treatments installed, furniture placed, wallpaper hung, lighting illuminated...we put all the elements together creating the spaces that you will spend valued time of your life in. (Also, we love to extend our talents in Hospitality and Commercial spaces as well.)

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